Tova TDAA trial 3/17/12

Today we attended our first ever TDAA trial held by Tova Training. For those not familiar with TDAA, it's an agility venue aimed towards small dogs under 17". Here's a little about TDAA, and why it was created. The obstacles were adorable, the people were very welcoming, and we had an awesome time! This trial offered four Standard runs, Dare to Double, and Quidditch. I loved having the challenge of following a different venue's set of rules, as well as different games to play (though I still don't know the rules to Quidditch!!). 

  • Dare to Double (G1) - A point-obstacle game where every time your dog successfully completes the aframe their points are double. We accrued 399 points, Q-2nd.
  • Standard (B) - Very nice run with Kiba. Boy is she fast over these obstacles, she finished in half the SCT!!! Clean run, Q-3rd.
  • Quidditch (G1) - A very fun, challenging game. We were one of two dogs that got the "Golden Snitch"!! 260 points, and Q-1st.
  • Perfect Weekend - We brought home a Perfect Weekend rosette for Qing in every run entered. I just love it when clubs offer different awards! They also had a Perfect Fun ribbon that one would win if they NQ in everything they entered. 

I cannot wait to go back in April. Kiba will only need one more Game and two Standard runs to finish her TG1 and TBAD titles. TDAA I think will be a perfect venue for Tsuki, it's just about as cute and adorable as she is. I'll probably bring her along next time and see how she does. Thank you Tova Training for hosting the trial, and Mark Giles for judging!

We also got a gift for coming!

EMAC CPE trial 2/18/12

Saturday we attended EMAC's CPE trial at Happy Tails. We haven't trialed in over 9 months, and I was pleasantly surprised that Kiba and I were still working as a team, and it didn't go as bad as I thought! I didn't realize until after the trial, that it was almost 4 years exactly (same judge even) that Kiba got her Level 1 title! I wonder where we would be right now if we hadn't taken so many breaks in between competing. Anywho, here's the break down of this weekend!

  • Fullhouse (4) - 29 points after losing one due to time. Kiba kept dodging in front of me on the way to the table. Also nailed a tricky entrance to the weaves. Q-1st
  • Standard (3) - 5 faults due to me accidentally pulling Kiba out of the weaves. Nicely recovered and continued the rest of the course as a team. Q-2nd. This also finished off our CL3-R title!!
  • Wildcard (3) - Clean run. Q-2nd. This also finished off our CL3-H title!!
  • Jumpers (4) - Off course. I did not make it in time for a front cross and ending up stopping short at the tunnel. Took her a few times to get in there but the rest of the run was nice. 
Stuff to work on:
  • Treat every run like we Q'd! I was upset about our Standard run because of the weaves and didn't jackpot her afterwards like I normally would. In the end we Q'd and I felt like a jackass. Opened my eyes that we just need to go out there and have fun!!
  • Distance work and directionals
  • When I stop short I would like for her to keep moving
  • Start line stays need to be improved upon. 

We're Still Here!!

Not a whole lot has happened since I last posted, but I'm back and there's nothing you can do to keep me away! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Anyways... here's a general recap on what's been going on here at Casa de SHK9s:

  • Poodles tried committing suicide by eating a bag of m&m. A couple of teaspoons of peroxide and they are none to worse for the wear (though the couch could say different).
  • If her stuffies are taken away, Charlie will resort to sucking the comforter 
  • Kiba and I ran at the EMAC trial in February and Q'd 3/4 runs, finishing her CL3-R and CL3-H "titles". Only 5 Qs away from her CL3!!
  • The dogs suck at folding laundry

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