Good news at the Vet!

Took Kiba in today for an annual check-up, rabies vaccination, and to discuss her leg. When walking she would swing her left leg around and twisting it inwards and sticking her right leg out to the side (very minimal movements, only because I live with her I could tell and it took the vet a few minutes to see it too). Dr. Anna checked her hips, knees, joints, etc. and come to find out her right knee slips a bit. The weird gait is most likely due to Kiba overcompensating for the other side. Dr. Anna also found no signs arthritis or weakness in her hind end.
Kiba has a few more sebaceous cysts than her last check-up. Dr. Anna confirmed the lump on her chest is a fatty lump, and the smaller one on her loin is another cyst. Kiba is also bladder-stone free! All in all it was a very good visit for my lumpy bumpy Schnauzer girl. We have a week long trial sample of Rimadyl to start tomorrow, then we'll  go from there if it needs to be a daily thing or dispense as needed.

 "Mum! Don't tell em I got probed!"


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