We're Still Here!!

Not a whole lot has happened since I last posted, but I'm back and there's nothing you can do to keep me away! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Anyways... here's a general recap on what's been going on here at Casa de SHK9s:

  • Poodles tried committing suicide by eating a bag of m&m. A couple of teaspoons of peroxide and they are none to worse for the wear (though the couch could say different).
  • If her stuffies are taken away, Charlie will resort to sucking the comforter 
  • Kiba and I ran at the EMAC trial in February and Q'd 3/4 runs, finishing her CL3-R and CL3-H "titles". Only 5 Qs away from her CL3!!
  • The dogs suck at folding laundry


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