EMAC CPE trial 2/18/12

Saturday we attended EMAC's CPE trial at Happy Tails. We haven't trialed in over 9 months, and I was pleasantly surprised that Kiba and I were still working as a team, and it didn't go as bad as I thought! I didn't realize until after the trial, that it was almost 4 years exactly (same judge even) that Kiba got her Level 1 title! I wonder where we would be right now if we hadn't taken so many breaks in between competing. Anywho, here's the break down of this weekend!

  • Fullhouse (4) - 29 points after losing one due to time. Kiba kept dodging in front of me on the way to the table. Also nailed a tricky entrance to the weaves. Q-1st
  • Standard (3) - 5 faults due to me accidentally pulling Kiba out of the weaves. Nicely recovered and continued the rest of the course as a team. Q-2nd. This also finished off our CL3-R title!!
  • Wildcard (3) - Clean run. Q-2nd. This also finished off our CL3-H title!!
  • Jumpers (4) - Off course. I did not make it in time for a front cross and ending up stopping short at the tunnel. Took her a few times to get in there but the rest of the run was nice. 
Stuff to work on:
  • Treat every run like we Q'd! I was upset about our Standard run because of the weaves and didn't jackpot her afterwards like I normally would. In the end we Q'd and I felt like a jackass. Opened my eyes that we just need to go out there and have fun!!
  • Distance work and directionals
  • When I stop short I would like for her to keep moving
  • Start line stays need to be improved upon. 


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